Production Pininfarina Battista unveiled ahead of 2020 rollout

The stunning Pininfarina Battista was a showstopper at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. Unveiled as the famous Italian design studio’s first ever self-branded, standalone production model, the Battista is an all-electric hypercar that will become one of the world’s most powerful and fastest accelerating cars when it launches in 2020.

Following an initial development program of simulated aerodynamic testing in Italy, Pininfarina has revealed an updated, near production-ready Blu Iconica Battista with new design details at the Turin Auto Show.

According to the Italian supercar maker, the evolution of the Battista’s design as it inches closer to production resulted in design upgrades that have “redefined the front of the Battista and reinforced its hypercar look and feel, presenting an even greater visual connection between front and back.”

The changes are subtle and limited to the lower bumper section at the front and the air intakes. Appropriately so, as there’s absolutely no need to mess with the rest of the car, which is arguably Pininfarina’s best effort to date.

The Battista will pack 1,900hp (1416kW) and 2,300 Nm of torque into the aerodynamically designed body giving a 0-100km/h time of less than 2 seconds. It will hit 300km/h in less than 12 seconds up to its top speed of 350km/h.

Resist the allure of all that power and driven more sedately, the Battista can afford a total range of 450km from the 120kWh Li-ion battery pack.

The Italian company plans to produce just 150 examples of the Battista, 50 are estimated to be available in Europe, 50 in North America and 50 in the Middle East and Asia markets. The €2m hypercar is now available to order through a small network of specialist luxury car and hypercar retailers.

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