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Signs Your Car Needs Car Detailing

Car detailing pertains to the thorough cleansing and restoration of your automobile. More than a car wash, the service also encompasses reconditioning your vehicle’s interior, as well as doing cosmetic touch-ups on the exterior. While a car wash takes up only a few minutes from washing to drying, some car …

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Car Guide: The Complete Used Car Buying Checklist

Preliminaries Before you even begin thinking about buying a used car, you’ll need to make sure you have your paperwork in order and that you have an up to date driving license. Also, it’s important to know how much money you have to work with. Setting yourself a budget is …

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Hydrogen breakthrough could fastrack commercialisation of FCEVs

A new breakthrough in the way hydrogen is transported around the world could accelerate the commercialisation of fuel cell vehicles. One of the biggest challenges facing fuel cell vehicle manufacturers and filling station operators is the transportation and storage of hydrogen – the gas that powers a fuel cell vehicle. …

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Car Talk: Are Driverless Cars Ready for Mass Adoption?

Driverless cars are on the cusp of widespread production. The technology exists, test trials are routinely run, and the success rates are higher than ever. Only a few factors (which, admittedly, are fairly large) are preventing fully scalable prototypes from entering the consumer market. Let’s explore some of them. High …

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There’s a right way to wash and wax your car

Across Australia, tens of thousands of older cars continue to provide outstanding service. These days, it is not uncommon for cars to travel 200,000km before suffering a mechanical or other malady that forces it off the road. But Australia is a harsh environment that takes its toll on paintwork, bodywork …

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How To: Car Interior Detailing

Nothing can ruin the enjoyment of a drive like a grotty interior. Here’s how you can bring yours back to its best. There’s nothing worse than opening the door of a car and seeing a grubby, stained, garbage strewn interior. But bringing it back to its best, even if you …

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