McLaren 720S leaked on Instagram ahead of Geneva debut


Is McLaren on a roll or what? Over the past few years the British supercar maker has churn out new model after new model. And it’s showing no signs of stopping. The latest model to be released under the brand’s Super Series banner will be the new 720S, which is slated for global debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March.

There are no official photos, yet, but thanks to the world of social media a photo of the 650S successor has been posted to Instagram by a user named Lamborghiniks. Draped in striking orange paintjob, the new 720S appears even more aerodynamically shaped than its predecessor. It doesn’t come as a surprise as McLaren claimed two weeks ago when it released a teaser of the 720S that the new supercar was twice as aerodynamically efficient as the 650S.

Among the engineering essentials for the new model is increased downforce and improved cooling. The car’s ultra-lightweight carbon fiber structure is also said to be more rigid and 18kg lighter than that of the 650S.

Another highlight in the new model is the active rear wing that extends over the full rear width of the car. It is able to move upwards and increase in angle to optimise aerodynamic efficiency and also deploys to its most extreme angle as an airbrake in less than half a second, optimising balance when braking from speed.

Full details of the second-generation Super Series model will be confirmed in March, when further images and pricing will also be available.

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