Dendrobium Automotive D-1 electric hypercar set for production

After more than two decades of development, the Dendrobium Automotive D-1 – an all-electric hypercar originally known as the Vanda Electrics Dendrobium – is set to enter production.

First debuted as a concept in the mid-nineties under the latter name, the concept was the brainchild of a Singapore-based electronics company and was their first attempt at designing a car.

Now, over twenty years on and after the showing of a revised concept model at last year’s Geneva Auto Show, a partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering in the UK and the formation of the new Dendrobium Automotive company is set to make the model a reality, with construction to take place.

Despite being named after a variety of orchid native to Singapore, and with the unique design of the rear-hinged doors taking inspiration from the shape of the flower, don’t for a second think it’ll be soft in any way.

An in-house electric drivetrain is set to give the D-1 some astonishing performance figures – specifically, a mind-boggling power figure of over 1,340kW and 2,000Nm torque.

Set to be constructed purely of carbon fibre, the company’s aim is to have the D-1 weigh just 1,750kg – a challenge considering the weight of the necessary batteries.

Regardless, the immense power figures should be good for a sprint to 96km/h (60mph) from a standstill in 2.7 seconds, while its top speed should exceed 322km/h.

For comparison, the Concept One – another all-electric hypercar, produced by Croatian start-up Rimac – beats out the D-1 with a 0-96km/h time of 2.5 seconds and a limited top speed of 340km/h, while Rimac’s upcoming second model, the C Two, will likely only better those figures.

At the helm of the operation set to build the D-1 in the UK is Nigel Gordon-Stewart – someone who knows his way around hypercars as a former sales and marketing director for Lamborghini and the McLaren F1 – who is clearly confident in the all-new model.

“Using the very latest technology, we are developing, what will be, the most impressive all-electric hypercar,” says Gordon-Stewart.

“From a technical perspective, the D-1 will be a British engineering tour-de-force.”

For those in the UK, the Dendrobium D-1 is set to be officially presented in public for the first time at Salon Privé which will take place on the grounds of Blenheim Palace from August 30 to September 1.

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