TechArt unleashes Porsche 911 Turbo GTstreet R


TechArt has unveiled what might be the most extreme Porsche 911 Turbo ever. Called the GT StreetR, the extensively modified Porsche features an almost completely revised body with no shortage of carbon fibre aerodynamic panels, including active components.

At the front, airflow is managed by a front splitter incorporating an active front spoiler that channels air towards the water and oil coolers. A central air outlet and bumper flaps increase front downforce for improved stability.


Replacing the standard front fenders are the 911 GT3 RS fenders with fender vents and wheel arch extensions. The rear side scoops have been enlarged for better cooling while the side skirts score extension sills.

Things are equally dramatic at the rear, with an active rear wing rising automatically up to a 15-degree angle for extra downforce when Performance mode is engaged. The rear bumper has been entirely restyled, now incorporating deeper diffuser and quad tips from the upgraded valve-controlled exhaust.


TechArt offers a choice of 20- or 21-inch wheels to go with the over-the-top bodykit. Customer can also opt for a VarioPlus coilover suspension with PDDC connectivity and a Noselift front axle lift system which provides up 60mm of ground clearance at the front.

Of course, no Porsche tuning is complete without a TechArt engine treatment. Boosting the power from the flat-six are three power upgrade packages ranging from 600hp or 447kW to 720hp or 536kW. In the highest output tune, the 911 Turbo is able to demolish the sprint from 0 to 100km/h in under 2.7 seconds and from 0 to 124km/h in under 9.2 seconds.

The cabin can be specified in two different trims: Exclusive and Clubsport. The first variant wraps in the interior in the finest leather upholstery while the Clubsport features Alcantara highlights.


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