Hennessey-tuned Chevrolet SS does 1/4 mile in 11.84s

Hennessey-tuned Chevrolet SS front quarter

The Holden VF Commodore SS is the best sports sedan to come out of the soon to be shut factory in Adelaide. Its 6.0-litre pushrod V8 may be low tech but generates a healthy 260kW of power and 517Nm of torque.

The yanks get it even better, with their Chevrolet-badged SS comes delivered with the larger 6.2-litre V8 normally found in the HSV Clubsport. It churns out 310kW and 563Nm of torque.

Hennessey-tuned Chevrolet SS rear

If that’s not enough, Hennessey also produces a few tuning packages for the car, starting with the entry-level HPE475 that boosts output to 450hp (354kW) via intake and exhaust mods.

Those wanting even more are taken cared of with the HPE600 package that brings a custom supercharger, uprated fuel system and a tweaked ECU to churn out 448kW – enough to enable the SS to complete the quarter mile in just 11.84 seconds at 188km/h!

Click play in the video below to watch the Holden Commodore SS’s American cousin do the quarter mile sprint.

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