Former Holden boss says sorry for crashing Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Former Holden boss now General Motors head of global product development, Mark Reuss, has issued an apology for causing a half-hour delay at the start of the Detroit IndyCar on June 3, after crashing the Corvette pace car.

“I want to thank you all for your well wishes today. I am ok. I have driven this course many many many times. I have paced this race in the wet, cold, hot and calm. On Z06’s, Grand Sports, and other things. It is never a casual thing for me, but an honor to be asked. Today I let down my friends, my family, Indycar, our city and my company. Sorry does not describe it. I want to thank our engineers for providing me the safety I know is the best in the world.”

Reuss was behind the wheel of the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 during the parade lap when he lost control of the 563kW muscle car.

According to reports, he was exiting Turn 2 of the Belle Isle track when the ZR1’s rear end stepped over the crest. The car then spun and hit the track barrier. The entire front fascia of the car was ripped off, causing the airbags in the car to deploy before stopping and bringing the field of 23 racecars to a halt.

Reuss remained in the car for a while after the crash, possibly confused and embarrassed for the disastrous driving error.

Hit play in the video below for the crash footage.

Source: Crashracing

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