Video: Ferrari V8 powered Toyota 86. Anyone?

toyota 86 chassis with ferrari v8

Engine swaps are nothing new. Enthusiasts try and stuff anything and everything that fits into their cars to get more bang, from massive American V8s to turbocharged six-cylinders.

American drifter, Ryan Tuerck is doing just that with his new Toyota 86. But instead of a 5.0-litre V8 from the Mustang, he is swapping the 2.0-litre boxer engine with a Ferrar F136 V8!

Tuerck revealed his plans to create his ultimate 86 via a YouTube teaser video showing a bare 86 chassis being mated with the Ferrari V8 for the first time.

We have no details on the engine’s output for now, but the same unit used in the Ferrari 458 Speciale churns out 445kW. That’s an impressive figure in a lightweight Japanese sports car anyway you look.

We can’t wait for Tuerck’s new 86 to be unleashed but in the meantime, enjoy this video preview of the project.

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