Mazda MX-5 gets TRA-Kyoto wide-body treatment

Mazda mx5 Tra-Kyoto Wide Body Kit 2015-ND - Front

Tra-Kyoto, the creators of the iconic Rocket Bunny have done it again. They have taken the rather tamed 2015 Mazda MX5 and given it a much needed aggressive flair; no longer does it suffer its cutesy demeanour, its now a tough track weapon.

This ND MX5 has been given the full treatment; it’s got a set of front and rear bumper lips, side skirts, a large carbon spoiler, roll cage, drop in height and a set of stunning deep dish wheels to fill out those massive flairs.

Mazda mx5 Tra-Kyoto Wide Body Kit 2015-ND - rear

So far, we have no details on performance upgrades but we are sure Tra-Kyoto has something special under the hood. After all those wide rear tyres won’t shred themselves.



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