Video: Ferrari F12tdf’s Active Rear Axle & Powertrain


Ferrari recently released details on an enhanced Berlinetta the F12tdf. The new supercar comes packed with a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 pushing 574kW, this is a 30kW gain over the standard F12. Engine performance however wasn’t the only thing the Italians upgraded for the F12, the introduction of an ‘Active Rear Axle’ has radically changed the vehicles dynamics both on and off the track.

Ferrari Active Rear Axle

The innovated rear-wheel steering solution is very similar to the “Virtual Wheelbase Extension” that Porsche have implemented in their current 911 Carrera. The system works by altering the vehicles rear wheel geometry, at low speeds the wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front which simulates a short wheelbase vehicle, this significantly improves the vehicles turning circle, at high speeds the rear wheels turn in the same direction and greatly improves the vehicles cornering capabilities.

Ferrari have been nice enough to provide 2 video presentations outlining the function of their ‘Short Wheelbase System’ as well as a preview of their F1 inspired powertrain.



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