Bugatti makes 100th Chiron and it costs a cool $4.45m

Bugatti is celebrating a production milestone with the delivery of the 100th hand crafted Chiron at the brand’s Molsheim plant in Alsace, France.

Specifically commissioned by a wealthy individual from the Arabian Peninsula, Chiron number 100 is finished in a striking dark blue carbon matte paint scheme – a first for a Chiron. It is contrasted by the red Bugatti side line and a set of mink black finished wheels.

Inside, the opulent interior is upholstered in full leather, with red being the dominant colour.

The price? A cool $A4.45m, or $650,000 more than the ‘regular’ Chiron.

With total production limited to just 500 cars worldwide, there’s just 400 more to go. Bugatti says its order books are ‘extremely well-filled’ and production is running at full speed, with about 70 cars leaving the manufacturer’s factory every year.

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