Report: Honda planning NSX Roadster, EV and Type R


The Honda NSX hybrid supercar is not just a one-off exercise in performance and technology showcase, as Autocar reports that the company’s new halo car will spawn different variants further down the track.

Already in the planning stage, the diversified lineup will see the addition of a roadster, a lightweight track-focused hardcore model, and a slew of alternative powertrain options, including a non-hybrid and all-electric variants.

The report also states that one of the upcoming NSX variants will wear Honda’s much vaunted Type R badge, confirming earlier rumors.


Honda has been dropping hints about possible variants of its new supercar, starting with the all-electric NSX EV Concept that charged up Pikes Peak earlier this year, and the unveiling of the NSX GT3 racer which is not supplemented by electric motors and only drives the rear wheels.

NSX variants aside, there’s much more to Honda’s return to the performance arena. Previously, we reported that smaller and more affordable versions of the NSX are also in the cards. This includes a ‘baby’ NSX with a 2.0-litre hybrid engine and all-wheel drive.

The future of Honda’s sporty offerings is certainly looking very bright.

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