Range Rover Sport remotely controlled via smartphone [video]

Remote Control Range Rover Sport

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled their new Remote Control Range Rover Sport research vehicle that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone.

The smartphone app includes control of steering, acceleration and brakes as well as changing from high and low range. JLR says this allows the driver to walk alongside the car, at a maximum speed of 6.4km/h, to manoeuvre their car out of challenging situations safely, or even to negotiate difficult off-road terrain.

The drive could also use the smartphone to reverse the car out of a parking space if someone has parked too close for them to open the door, or allow the driver to become their own off-road spotter, to guide the car over off-road obstacles from outside the vehicle.

Remote Control Range Rover Sport-1

The remote control function will only operate if the user is within 10 metres of the car and if the smart key can be detected. The system will stop the vehicle if the driver moves out of range or gets too close.

Future possibilities for this technology could include more autonomous functionality where the driver gives a simple command from the handset to traverse an obstacle or exit a parking space, and the car does the rest.

Besides the Remote Control Range Rover Sport, the carmaker has also developed a “Multi-Point Turn” Range rover Sport capable of autonomously turning the car around 180 degrees.

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