Porsche freezes deliveries of 911 GT3 due to cars catching fire

Porsche 911 GT3 caught fire in Switzerland

Instantaneously combusting supercars aren’t a new phenomena. For a while Ferraris were incinerated on a regular basis, especially the first batch of 458 Italia. Then Lamborghinis started to follow suit, and later Audi R8s were following the trend.

It seems the “plague” has now hit Porsche, with the German sports car maker reportedly suspending deliveries of all 911 GT3 due to a number of them spontaneously catching fire over the last few weeks.

The most recent case happened in Switzerland where a 911 GT3 caught on fire on the Wilerstrasse. According to a report by Axis of Oversteer, the driver of the ill-fated GT3 was on the A1 highway en route to St. Gallen when he heard some funny noises coming from the engine bay. He then exited the highway and pulled over on the Wilerstrasse. When he got out of the vehicle, he observed leaking oil and smoke coming from the back of the sports car. It then ignited a short time later. The fire department was at the scene a short time later to put out the flames. Unfortunately, the car has already suffered irreversible damage by then, said to total CHF 200,000.

Apparently this wasn’t an isolated case, with another similar incident occurring just last week with a brand new 911 GT3 that had only been driven for around 60km in Italy. In that incident, a low oil pressure warning first appeared, before the car caught fire and was destroyed.

According to an insider, Porsche is aware of the issue and has thus halted deliveries of the 911 GT3 until engineers figure out the cause of the fires.

Source: Axis of Oversteer


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