New interior and rear view photos of Jaguar F-Type


A new set of photos have emerged, showing the Jaguar F-Type’s posterior as well as interior. Inspired by the spectacular C-X16 concept car, the production F-type hasn’t lost much of the show car’s design. It is a stunning looking sports car.

Jaguar is pitching the F-Type against the Porsche 911, with three engine options ranging from a 250kW V6 up to a 375kW V8. You can read about them in our earlier article here.

From these photos, it is obvious that different engine options will carry a different tailpipe design. The quad-pipes will likely be paired with the V8, while the central twin exhaust outlets are likely a V6.

With echoes of the legendary Jaguar E-Type in its tail lights and haunches, the sports car’s three quarter view is arguably one of its best.

Inside, a pair of sports bucket seats cacoons the driver and passenger. A reinforcement bar wraps around the 8-speed gear lever, angling the dash towards the driver.

The Jaguar F-Type will premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show this weekend and go on sale in Australia next year as a convertible. A coupé will join the range further down the track.

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