Honda Civic Type R hybrid could be a 400hp scorcher

Honda is back on the road testing a Civic Type R prototype. Fully camouflaged, the prototype was seen making rounds on public roads around the infamous Nurburgring circuit, perhaps in preparation for an upcoming track assault.

With the current Civic Type R having been recently updated, it’s unlikely Honda is again making further tweaks to it. But words on the street have it that Honda is playing with the idea of a hybrid Civic Type R. And this latest scoop may well seal that speculation.

According to previous reports, the Civic Type R hybrid will adopt some technologies from the NSX, the company’s hybrid supercar. While the NSX combines a 3.5-litre twin-turbo engine with three electric motors, the Civic Type R hybrid is said to pair its existing 2.0-litre turbo mill with a single electric motor. The engine will solely drive the front wheels, like in the current model, with the electric motor providing extra push at the rear axle.

The high performance petrol-electric combo is speculated to afford the Civic Type R hybrid with close to 400hp (298kW), a big step up from the current 228kW. The addition of electric propulsion at the rear will also essentially give the Civic Type R all-wheel drive.

With the current dash to 100km/h accomplished in 5.7 seconds, expect the all-wheel drive Civic Type R to trim that down further to the low 5s.

If a new Civic Type R hybrid model does indeed become a reality, don’t expect it to arrive until the end of 2021, as development has reportedly just begun. Production of the hybrid model is also expected to move from the Swindon plant in the United Kingdom to Japan.

Images via Clicccar

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