First look at McLaren P1 GTR’s interior


McLaren has unveiled the first interior images of its track-only McLaren P1 GTR. Designed to be as focused for the driver as possible, and stripped of all but the essential items to keep weight in check, the centre piece of the cockpit is the newly developed steering wheel.

It has been designed to make all controls within easy reach and as user-friendly as possible. As with various elements throughout the car, there is significant heritage linked to the steering wheel. Although unique to the McLaren P1 GTR, the design is based on the steering wheel of the 2008 Formula 1 championship-winning MP4-23.


As on a Formula 1™ car, key controls including the mode switches are located to the centre of the bespoke steering wheel. This allows the driver to fully adjust the setup and characteristics of the car without having to take their hands from the wheel. The DRS and IPAS buttons are retained on the steering wheel. In the design and implementation of this new set up, all controls can be comfortably operated, and are easily accessible, when in a full race suit, helmet and gloves.

The cabin is equipped with lightweight DTM-style seats and full six-point motorsport harnesses. This will be specifically set up for the individual driver, and mounted directly to the chassis, reducing weight by having no additional mounting brackets. The HANS-approved carbon fibre seat shell offers comfort and support, and has been ergonomically-designed along with the rest of the cabin controls. Despite the stripped out environment, the air-conditioning is retained to maintain comfort during the much more physical driving experience.

McLaren P1 GTR Hot Weather Test Bahrain Sept 2014

Dynamic testing of the P1 GTR is well underway at a range of international race circuits, including the recently completed test in the extreme desert heat at the Bahrain International Circuit. The programme was designed to push the capabilities of the upgrade IPAS powertrain, ensuring optimised balance and handling characteristics on the race-proven Pirelli slick tyres, and aerodynamic developments including the dramatic fixed-height rear wing which includes the Formula 1-style Drag Reduction System (DRS).

The first un-camouflaged images also show the track weapon’s latest aerodynamic and cooling updates being trialled. The prototype is finished in a combination of Carbon Black paintwork and bare carbon fibre bodywork.

An individually-tailored McLaren P1™ GTR driver programme will offer each driver a unique insight into the world of McLaren. Details of the programme, which has previously been experienced by race winners and world champions, are explained in the video below:

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