2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee takes Moose Test again. See how it fares


We recently road tested the updated 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee and liked how it handled (read the full review here).  However, with the test conducted on public roads, we left the fancy stuff, like the “Moose test”, to the experts.

If you recall, Swedish magazine, Teknikens Värld did a moose test on the 2012 Grand Cherokee and it almost rolled over (below). The big four-wheel drive went into a slalom at 61km/h and went up on two wheels, with neither the electronic stability control system nor the anti-rollover system cutting in to safe the situation.


Now, with the recent update, Teknikens Värld decided to perform the test again to see if Jeep has made any improvements to the systems. Using a Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD fitted with road tyres and loaded according to the Swedish certification of registration (2,949kg/6,501 lbs), passengers and luggage included, the result is very different this time.

With the same entry speed of 61km/h, the SUV’s stability control and antiroll system kicks in early and slows the car down dramatically, preventing the wheels from lifting like last time. When the entry speed was increased, the magazine said the system worked even better.

This is great news for all, as we love the Jeeps handling and its undeniable value.

Watch the test in the video below.

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