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Onyx Concept BMW M3 Performance Kit

Onyx Concept is best known for tuning SUV particularly the Range Rover. Now however Onyx have started to venture into the performance car business with their E92 BMW M3 performance package. The M3 exterior boasts a new front and rear bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser, bonnet and a trunk spoiler. …

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Toyota Signals Return to BTCC With Avensis Race Model

Toyota Cars - News – Toyota returns to BTCC with Avensis

The first images of the Toyota Avensis BTCC race car have been revealed, signalling Toyota’s intention to return to the BTCC, the British Touring Car Championsip. The BTCC Avensis is designed and built by Buckingham Motorsport GPR as an evaluation model to showcase the new technical regulation of the BTCC. …

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Super Exclusive Aston Martin Super Sport

Aston Martin Cars - News – The New Super Sport

If the Lamborghini Reventon isn’t rare enough for you, here is something that you might be interested in. You are looking at an Aston Martin that isn’t built by Aston Martin. Confused? Well we don’t blame you because it looks suspiciously like an Aston and wears an Aston Badge. However …

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Underground Racing Twin Turbo Murcielago LP-670-4 SV

Lamborghini Cars - News – The Twin Turbo Murcielago

Just as Lamborghini prepares to unveil the supercar that will replace the Murcielago at the Paris Motor Show later this month , Underground Racing decided to throw a little celebration to mark the end of production life for the Murcielago. No… this isn’t the usual ‘X anniversary’ or ‘Limited Edition’ …

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Lamborghini Gallardo Crashes Into Bus Stop

Lamborghini Cars - News – Gallardo Crashes into Melbourne Bus Stop

Can you count how many times you have come across pictures of crashed Lamborghinis? We couldn’t. And here is another one. This black Lamborghini Gallardo crashed into a bus stop in the Melbourne north-eastern suburb of Alphington. No injuries were reported. However the AU$250,000 supercar is most likely to be …

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Mazda To Reinvent The Rotary Engine

          Mazda is the only car maker that uses Rotary engine in its production cars. The rotary powered Mazda RX-7 and RX-8 sports cars have been known to produce good power with huge tuning potential and after-market support. However, they are often criticised for bad fuel …

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Lamborghini Releases Teaser For New Supercar

Lamborghini has released a teaser photo of its upcoming supercar which is said to replace the company’s iconic Murcielago. The photo is aimed to generate some public interest for the Murcielago replacement model, ahead of the Paris Motor Show later this month. Rumour to be called the Jota, the new …

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2010 Tokyo Auto Salon

Often being called as a “Hoon Hive” by the media, auto exhibition for customized vehicles and after market parts are very popular among true car enthusiasts looking for some goodies to be put on their cars ready for the next track event. Hoon? Hmm… The biggest of such exhibition in …

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JUN Auto Evo X and WRX STi

One might ask why aren’t car makers putting in a hundred and ten percent when engineering and building performance cars to make sure that when the cars roll out of the factory they are about as good as they can get, as fast as they can possibly go and as …

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JMS Audi S5 Performance Kit

If you feel that your factory Audi S5 is just too plain and simple, JMS have a performance upgrade package which we think looks really good on the S5. The body kit consists of components from Senner Tuning which include a new front lip, side skirts and a quad tip …

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2009 SEMA Show

The SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show is held in Las Vegas every year to showcase the industry’s latest after market products. Almost every big tuning shop in the US has a stand here to make their mark and compete with each other to have their uniquely modified show cars …

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Lock/Unlock Your Car with iPhone App

Mercedes Benz have once again teamed up with Hughes Telemetics Inc. (HTI) to produce an iPhone app that is capable of allowing its users the ability to remotely lock and unlock their cars from anywhere around the world. The two companies have joined forces before in the past to produce …

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SSC Ultimate Aero II Teaser

Few months ago the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport clocked a top speed of 434 km/h. We were blown away and thought Bugatti has finally ended the fight for the title of the world’s fastest production car. Well we were wrong… The folks at Shelby Supercars went straight back to work …

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