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Gymkhana 8 teases widebody Ford Focus RS RX [video]


Rally driver Ken Block has unleashed the eighth installment of Gymkhana, a seven minute video that treats viewers to spectacular automotive stunts on the streets of Dubai.

Strapped into his Ford Fiesta WRC race car, the Hoonigan racing star shows what’s it like to live life sideways, sliding around a jumbo jet and racing a quartet of supercars. As with each installment of Gymkhana, the production quality and level of action continues to rise with the latest episode.

The madness aside, Gymkhana 8 also teases the Ford Focus RS RX at the end of the video, so be sure to stay after the credits. The widebody Focus RS RX is totally transformed with new front and rear bumpers, extended wheel fenders and no shortage of vents, scoops and wings.

The teaser stopped short of providing any technical details of the Focus RS RX, but expect the hot hatch to be the next star in Gymkhana 9. For now, check out Ken Block’s latest video below.

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