Brabus dresses up Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI with AMG Line kit

Bought a Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI but want to fool others you could keep up with a GLA 45 AMG? Brabus could be your saviour.

The long time Mercedes-Benz tuner offers a AMG Line tuning kit for the GLA 220 CDI consisting of custom front and rear bumpers, special badging, a prominent roof spoiler, 20-inch Brabus wheels and custom side sills that will make others think twice before racing you at the lights.

The car here is also equipped with Brabus’ ECO PowerXtra D3 kit. While it still might not have the scintillating performance of the GLA 45, the kit takes the 220 CDI’s output from 125kW/350Nm to 154kW/410Nm.

Zero to 100km/h now takes 8.0 seconds flat instead of 8.3 seconds, and it tops out at 220km/h instead of 215km/h.

Inside, the experience is a little less exciting, as the only signs Brabus has waved its wand over your car is the custom sill plate and Brabus floor mats.

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