Toyota slams Luxury Car Tax

2013 Toyota Prado Kakadu

Toyota Australia has today urged federal politicians to abolish the luxury-car tax, describing the impost as discriminatory and inefficient.

The call came as Toyota passed on the full cost savings to consumers resulting from this week’s CPI-related increase in the threshold at which vehicles are subject to the tax.

The Australian Tax Office has confirmed the threshold has risen to $61,884 from July 1 – an increase of $1,568 on the previous $60,316 trigger.

As a result, the recommended retail prices of 19 Toyota LandCruiser 200, LandCruiser Prado, Kluger and Tarago vehicles have fallen – 17 of them by the maximum of $470, excluding on-road costs.

2014 Toyota Kluger Grande

Toyota’s executive director sales and marketing Tony Cramb said the reduction provided some relief for new-car owners.

But Mr Cramb said the luxury-car tax should be abolished – especially as there was no equivalent tax on items such as antiques, yachts, motor boats and jewellery.

“Australian motorists are already heavily taxed with GST, stamp duty and registration fees when buying a new car, as well as road tolls and a hefty tax on fuel,” Mr Cramb said.

“New-vehicle buyers should not be singled out to pay the additional burden of a so-called luxury tax – especially one that is so inefficient and poorly designed,” he said.

“The punitive tax rate was originally 25 per cent on the value of the vehicle above the threshold, but was increased to 33 per cent in 2008.

“Application of the tax does not recognise that many vehicles in this category offer important safety, environmental and theft-reduction benefits. The tax also results in significant compliance costs that are borne by our dealers.

“Toyota’s opposition to this tax and our call for its repeal is consistent with the recommendations of the Henry tax review,” Mr Cramb said.

The luxury-car tax threshold remains at $75,375 for vehicles with an official combined fuel consumption rating that does not exceed 7.0 litres/100km.

PRICE CHANGES, EFFECTIVE JULY 1 (Excluding on-road costs)


2WD Grande auto$63,520$470
AWD Grande auto$67,520$470


GX Auto T/D 7 seat$60,988$202
GXL Manual T/D$61,219$271
GXL Auto petrol$62,720$470
GXL Auto T/D$63,720$470
VX Auto petrol$77,520$470
VX Auto T/D$78,520$470
Kakadu Auto petrol$91,120$470
Kakadu Auto T/D$92,120$470


GX Auto T/D$78,165$470
GXL Auto petrol$84,165$470
GXL Auto T/D$89,165$470
VX Auto petrol$95,165$470
VX Auto T/D$100,165$470
Sahara Auto petrol$114,165$470
Sahara Auto T/D$119,165$470


Ultima Auto V6$70,665$470


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