Tesla Model S Recalled over faulty seat belts

Tesla Model S 70D

Tesla has voluntarily conducted a recall of its Model S line due to potentially faulty seat belt anchors on the front seats.

The defect was discovered earlier this month, quoted from a Tesla representative:  “In early November, a customer sitting in the front passenger seat turned to speak with occupants in the rear and the seat belt became disconnected. The seat belt is anchored to the outboard lap pretensioner through two anchor plates that are bolted together. The bolt that was supposed to tie the two anchors together wasn’t properly assembled.”

The manufacturer has inspected more than 3000 Model S cars since the incident and has not yet come across a similar defect. However Tesla is playing it safe and will continue to check all effected S models in their voluntary recall.

Customers will be notified via email if their vehicle is effected and can schedule an appointment either by phone, online or email.



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