2024 Tesla Model 2 could look like this

A shadowy preview of the highly anticipated Tesla Model 2 was dropped on social media just last month by the company’s founder Elon Musk. The smallest and most affordable Tesla is due to launch later this year and interest on the pint size EV is gaining.

While the preview photo was careful not to reveal too much of the Model 2, the internet has since gone all creative on the upcoming baby Tesla – as expected. Here’s a very good one from renown automotive renderer Kleber Silva of Behance.

The Model 2 is being imagined as a sporty liftback paired with a tweaked front-end of the Tesla Model 3. There are large black wheel arch mouldings and blacked out A pillar for an athletic look, while at the rear the deck spoiler is inspired by that of the Model X large SUV.

If you look close enough though, you might find that the donor car for this rendering is actually the Genesis GV60 – one of the cars that the Model 2 will rival when it hits the market. Nevertheless, the result of this mix and match is great and this is one pretty cool looking Model 2.

Tesla is keen to keep the pricing of the Model 2 below $50k when it lands in Australia sometime in late 2024, positioning it as a sub-compact model to the Model 3 sedan. It will likely be offered with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, the latter in the form of a dual motor high performance variant.

Via Kleber Silva

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