New Jeep Cherokee for just $10,000 driveaway – if you can find it

Jeep remote dealership

For 10 Australians with an adventurous spirit and Jeep’s ‘Don’t Hold Back’ attitude, the reward could be a brand new Jeep Cherokee for just $10,000 ‘Driveway’.

But finding your Jeep at ‘The World’s Most Remote Dealership’ is the tricky part.

“The all-new Jeep Cherokee is at home  in the city but, unlike some of its rivals, it’s equally at home  somewhere far remote – which is where we’re opening a dealership for a day,” explained Ashlin Moore, Senior Manager Advertising at Fiat Chrysler Australia.

2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk rear quarter

Jeep Cherokee’s ‘World Most Remote Dealership’ campaign launches on June 23 , recruiting adventurers – keen on securing one of the 10 all-new Cherokee’s for $10,000 ‘Driveway – via TV, on-line or the Jeep App where the exact location and details of the dealership will be revealed.

“The World’s Most Remote Dealership brings the Jeep ‘Don’t Hold Back’ attitude to life with a unique offer,” revealed Ms Veronica Johns, President and CEO of Fiat Chrysler Australia. “We believe this is a ‘World-First’ and a campaign only Jeep could pull-off.”

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