Mercedes-Benz of the future could become personal assistants

mercedes-benz f015 concept front quarter

Mercedes-Benz has revealed it wants to build cars that could act as personal assistants and wellbeing monitors.

Speaking at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Daimler’s chairman of the board of directors, Dr Dieter Zetsche explained that its cars will carry out mundane tasks that owners don’t want to, in a bid to improve their quality of life and reduce stress.

mercedes-benz f015 concept interior

In the short terms, its cars will be able to find parking spaces, but in the future, they could drive around autonomously and carry out chores like taking the kids to school and picking up other family members while an owner stays at work or home.

“We’ve already begun testing community-based parking in Stuttgart together with our partners at Bosch. It works using car sensors that can find empty spaces along a road and then share the information with the Mercedes back-end database. That information is then shared with other Mercedes cars,” Zetsche said of the company’s parking tech.

mercedes-benz f015 concept interior-1

The Mercedes boss said its cars would work to make sure their passengers are as comfortable as possible during transit.

“It’s our goal that a passenger gets out of a Mercedes in better condition than when they got in. The car will use its sensors to monitor the health and wellbeing of passengers, and then adjust settings to improve your situation and blood pressure,” he explained.

Note: Mercedes-Benz F015 concept shown

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