Mazda RX revival to be turbocharged with no less than 300kW

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Mazda’s upcoming rotary-powered sports car is to employ the company’s new turbocharged SKYACTIV-R engine, said drivetrain and powertrain assistant manager Tetsushi Marutani.

The Japanese company’s highly anticipated RX revival model was previewed by the RX-Vision concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The concept car received highly positive response for its stunning design, from the heavily sculpted side panels to the RX-7 inspired rear and the aggressive front end.

The production model is set to be the successor to the RX-8 and could launch as early as next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the rotary engine.

Marutani san believes a rotary engine requires more torque at lower speeds and a turbocharger would represent the best solution to have more torque early in the rpm range. While he stopped short of revealing the capacity of the new engine, previous speculation points to a twin-800cc (1.6-litre) displacement with no less than 300kW. All-wheel-drive is also said to be a possibility.


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