Lexus NX driving on ice… Literally [video]

Lexus NX Ice wheels and tyres

In a world first, Lexus has crafted a functional set of Ice wheels and tyres to celebrate the winter holidays. The ice wheels were created by a team of specialists and took 3 months to research, design and test.

Hamilton Ice Sculptors were tasked with creating the wheels due to their 35 years of “experience in producing innovative and large-scale works”. Each wheel took the sculptors 36 hours to produce, they utilised digital as well as manual steel chisel and shaping tools to produce a “millimeter-perfect finish”.


Once the sculpting had finished the wheels were deep frozen and stored for 5 days at -30 degrees before being installed on the chosen Lexus NX SUV. To prove their success Lexus released images and development videos of the development process and driving.

This isn’t the first time Lexus has pulled of a stunt like this; previously they created a full Lexus IS out of cardboard.

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