Koenigsegg CCX destroyed in high-speed crash in Mexico

koenigsegg ccx crash-5

A bespoke Koenigsegg CCX ‘Custom Vision’ has been ripped apart following a high-speed crash in Mexico.

The one-off, exotic supercar sporting chassis number 067 was reportedly on route to the city of Monterrey when the crash happened. According to eyewitness account, the 593kW/920Nm supercar was speeding before hitting a curb and rolling multiple times.

koenigsegg ccx crash-2

And as you can see from the photos, the entire front end and the roof of the car were torn away, exposing the passenger compartment.

It isn’t clear whether the two occupants were seriously injured in the crash.

koenigsegg ccx crash-1

Needless to say, the V8-powered, carbon-fibred CCX is now headed for the scrap heap.

Source: Clean Imports JDM via Carscoop

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