Fiat and Alfa Romeo prices slashed in Australia

As part of a new plan to grow the brands after taking back the distribution from Ateco Automtive, Fiat-Chrysler Group have slashed the retail prices for a whole range of Alfa Romeo and Fiat vehicles.

The company announced a new positioning and price point for its Australian range which includes the Fiat 500, 500 Cabriolet, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the Alfa Romeo MiTo yesterday.

Fiat Chrysler’s managing director and CEO, Clyde Campbell, said the new pricing structure was designed to sow the seeds for strong and sustainable growth in the Australian market.

“Since we took over the distribution of the brands in May last year, we have been working hard to ensure the vehicles in all our Italian brands are more accessible to the Australian market,” Campbell said.

“And the first factor we looked at was the price of our current range.”

Prices for the performance Fiat Abarth variants will also set to be adjusted later.

The new recommended retail pricing are as follows, excluding on-road costs:

VehicleCurrent PricingReductionNew Pricing
Fiat 500/500C   
Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir MT$22,990$4,190$18,800
Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir MTA$24,990$4,690$20,300
Cabrio MT$25,990$4,790$21,200
Cabrio MTA$27,990$5,290$22,700
Alfa Romeo MiTo
1.4 Progression TCT$31,990$6,790$25,200
1.4 Distinctive TCT$34,990$7,890$27,100
1.4 Quad Verde MT$34,990$4,990$30,000
Alfa Romeo Giulietta   
1.4 Distinctive MT$36,990$7,640$29,350
1.4 Distinctive TCT$38,990$7,640$31,350
2.0D Distinctive TCT$40,990$5,740$35,250
1.8 Quad Verde MT$41,990$2,840$39,150

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