BMW going after Mercedes-Maybach with new super-luxury models

2015 BMW 740Li

BMW has announced the company is developing super-luxury models to sit above the 7 Series flagship. This was confirmed recently by BMW’s development boss, Klaus Froehlich.

The new models will fill the gap between BMW’s current range-topping 7 Series and the ultra-luxurious Rolls-Royce, and is sight set squarely at Daimler’s Mercedes-Maybach range.

It isn’t clear at this stage whether the new models will be posh derivatives of the 7 Series, or an entirely different family of models with a new moniker, such as a 9 Series.

However, Froehlich has confirmed BMW won’t be copying Mercedes-Benz in merely extending the wheelbase of the Mercedes S-Class for the Mercedes-Maybach range.

“Some simply do 4 or 5 wheelbases [in length] and add varyingly thick chrome packages,” he said. “That will not be the BMW approach.”

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