A closer look at Ford’s Glare-Free High-beam system [video]


Ford has finally caught up to the pack with the introduction of their Glare-Free Auto Highbeam system, which promises not to blind other drivers on the road.

The Glare-Free High-beam system works by utilizing a windshield-mounted camera to detect the headlights or taillights of vehicles and bicycles, and appropriately blocks light that would otherwise blind other drivers. Ford claims the system can detect light sources up to 800 meters away.


Michael Koherr from Fords lighting research team mentions: “Ask any driver what the most annoying habits of other drivers are and sooner or later the subject of people who don’t dip their headlights will come up. Ford’s new Glare-Free Highbeam helps maximise the use of high beam and means drivers can see significantly more of the road ahead – without causing any distraction to other road users”.

Glare-Free Highbeam works together with Ford’s Auto High-beam system, and Dynamic LED headlights with Adaptive Front Lighting System, which can adjust the headlight beam angle and intensity to one of seven settings according to speed, ambient light, steering angle, distance to the vehicle in front and windscreen wiper activation.


Koherr goes on to say: “We found that some drivers are so concerned about dazzling other road users that they don’t use high beam at all. Ford’s Glare-Free High-beam technology can remove that stress for drivers, and softly transitioning between settings also helps the driver’s eyes adjust faster to changing quantities of light”.

Ford is also working on semi-autonomous technologies which will scan traffic signs and adjust the throttle to help drivers stay within legal speed limits. Ford also has plans to develop future advanced lighting technology that improves visibility at roundabouts, stop, and give way or yield signs, and draws the driver’s attention to pedestrians, cyclists and even large animals in the vehicle’s path or even just off the road.

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