2nd-gen Toyota 86 to exceed expectation, says chief engineer

Toyota 86 with Wald body kit front

Toyota 86’s chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, has revealed the next-generation model is going to surprise everyone.

Speaking to fellow Aussie publication, Motor, Tada san said: “We have started planning the next-generation 86 [but to] try to provide something beyond people’s expectation is not easy,” he said.

“It will definitely be above the fans’ expectation, because if you supply what all the fans really want, nobody gets really surprised or impressed. So wait and see. We provide something that will be really surprise.”

When asked whether the second-generation model will feature a hybrid powertrain, Tada-san said: “Not necessarily we would be saying hybrid as such, hybrid could be a part of the answer but if (we) provide just a normal hybrid it make no-one surprise”.

Does this mean his team is considering an electric motor to boost the engine’s power?

“It’s a good idea but it is not surprising as [we] want to make. The whole package as a new generation 86… want to make everyone go wow, and beyond expectations.”

The chief engineer also revealed the new model will go through a significant weight loss to substantially reduce its 1,257kg kerb weight.

Note: Toyota 86 with Wald body kit shown

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