Turbocharged 200kW Toyota GR 86 to replace 86

The Toyota 86 has been around since 2012 and is getting long in the tooth, but we already know Toyota and Subaru are busy preparing a second-generation model. Now, reports are indicating the new model is set to pack around 200kW of turbocharged power.

According to Autocar, the second-generation 86 will adopt Toyota’s new GR nomenclature following in the footsteps of the GR Supra and GR Yaris.

The publication also revealed that the 86/BRZ duo will transition to a Toyota-derived platform rather than Subaru-sourced underpinnings. The change is said to provide “substantial changes” compared to the current models.

While Toyota is providing the TNGA platform, Subaru will continue to supply the motivation power, with the car expected to retain a boxer-style flat-four enlarged to 2.4-litre (from 2.0-litre) and bolted with a turbocharger.

Derived from the US-market Ascent, the engine – known as an FA24 – produces just over 190kW in the SUV, with 200kW not impossible when dropped into a performance car.

A forced-induction engine has been a long time coming, with many 86/BRZ owners turning to after market tuners to modify their cars.

The new-generation model is also expected to benefit from better materials inside the cabin along with a lift in safety technology and improved fit and finish that could see the car positioned slightly more upmarket than it is currently.

Toyota is beginning to shed its “white goods on wheels” image with the recent push for more performance models, including the GR Supra and entry-level GR Yaris. Let’s hope this is just the beginning!

Note: Toyota 86 Cup Edition shown

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