Build: Twin Turbo 502 Rear Wheel Horsepower Infiniti G37

The VQ engine found in the new generation Nissan Skylines namely the 350GT and 370GT (Infiniti G35 and G37 respectively in the US) is steadily gaining momentum in aftermarket tuning scene. The VQ engine, which also powers the Nissan Z cars (Nissan Fairlady in Japan) is one of the smoothest high performance normally aspirated V sixers around, with loads of torque all across the rev range.

Being normally aspirated in factory form, one of the best modifications to the engine to get massive power increase is of course none other than forced induction. And here we present a very nice example of a boosted 370GT built and tuned by US based tuning house Forged Performance.

The turbo used in this setup is a GTM Stage III twin turbo kit. At a mere 12 psi this VQ37 is already making a massive 502 horsepower at the rear wheels! Needless to say the turbo is still in sleeper mode. Forged Performance reckons that by cranking up the boost pressure to around 17 psi, 650 rear wheel horsepower is achievable. However this will require some toughen up of the engine internals as the standard VQ engines are not built for forced induction.

Here are the basics of the build:

  • VQ37 VVEL Stock Engine
  • GTM Stage III TT Kit with TRUE Garrett GT30’s
  • GTM Fuel System
  • 800cc Injectors
  • HKS FCON Vpro with Knock Amp
  • HKS EVC Boost Controller
  • Greddy EvoTT Exhaust System
  • GTM 3 inch dowpipes
  • FP Bottleneck Restriction

Source: Forged Performance

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