New BMW iDrive Offers Full Apple iPhone and iPad Integration

While car makers will be busy showing off their latest line-up at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, BMW has gone a step further. Other than a world premiere of the new 6 series coupe concept, BWM will also showcase a new feature of the iDrive system. Set to be made available on all iDrives across BMW’s range, the new iDrive allows full integration with the Apple iPhone and the iPad.

What’s cool about this is that apart from allowing you to connect your Apple to the iDrive through the dock connector, you can also use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly. Once connected you can navigate through your iPhone’s or iPad’s music, videos, phonebook or even the internet using the in-car iDrive controller. iDrive, iPhone and iPad…just from the name you can tell they are all meant to work together aren’t they?

The new feature will support the iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and the second and third generation iPod touch.

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