Video: Lexus LF-A Shatters Glass with Engine Sound

When Lexus and Yamaha teamed up together to tune the acoustic of the LF-A V10 engine, we knew the Lexus supercar wasn’t just a supercar. It’s a musical wonder.

“The LFA’s acoustics, induction system and exhaust notes have been specially tuned to deliver an awesome “soundtrack” that expresses the car’s extreme performance, both outside and inside the cabin. Referred to by the acoustic team as “Octave Harmony”, it is inspired by the sound of a Formula 1 engine at full revs and is unlike that of any other road car, with different harmonic qualities created as the engine moves up towards its maximum 9,000rpm.” said Lexus in the LF-A press release.

Basically two specially designed ducts route intake sound into the passenger compartment. Each duct serves a different octave of engine note into the cabin to deliver a whole new level of driving experience.

To demonstrate how pitch perfect the engine is, Lexus use the sound from the LF-A V10 engine to break a champagne glass. This later became a Lexus television commercial. Check out the video below, and also after it the making of this commercial.

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