Video: Lexus’ Amazing “Chain” Advertisement

Lexus, in its relentless pursuit of perfection, has gone to extra length to show how well their cars are engineered and built.

The Lexus advertising compaign, made for the U.S. titled “Chain” is exactly what it says. It shows a crane gingerly lifting the front end of a Lexus LS600h using nothing more than cables and stretch bars connected to the front of the vehicle.

The same cables and stretch bars are also connected to the rear structure of the LS on one end and attached to a RX on the other end. Using this method, the LS is eventually attached to four Lexus models (RX, GS, ES and IS). Towards the end of the commercial, a $750,000 Lexus LF-A pulls up directly underneath this chain of vehicles weighing in a total of 9,525.44kg.

The message here is that the commercial is real and that no special effects were used for its production. The ‘Behind the Scenes’ video says it all!

“It isn’t enough to just say that we pursue perfection, we want to demonstrate the great lengths we go to in our pursuit,” states Dave Nordstrom, vice president of marketing for Lexus in North America.

“The new broadcast spot allows us to focus on the foundation of our vehicles, the chassis, and show its almost unbelievable strength. In fact, we feared that it would be so unbelievable, we invited a physicist and structural engineer to witness the shoot, to prove that it did, in fact, occur without the use of special effects or computer generated-imagery.”

I am impressed to say the least!

Check out the videos.

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