Switzer tuned Nissan GT-R with almost 1000kW!

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most tuned supercars in the world. Its accessible price point coupled with supercar horsepower will put many other more exotic cars to shame, in stock. With a tune, more could be unlocked.

However, inside, one cannot help but notice its maker’s humble origin, with plenty of parts and materials from Nissan’s parts bin. Our sentiment is shared by the owner of this car. He/she wanted higher specification materials and quilted leather inserts, as well as a better audio system.

So, they turned to Switzer Performance for help. With all the goodies, the Red Katana GT-R is now 136kg heavier. BUT, it is also 300 percent more powerful. Not only has the VR38 Nissan powerplant received reinforced rods and pistons, tuner-specific cams, a MONSTER intercooler system, PKG cooling and a SS90 exhaust system, it also has a Switzer tuned Syvecs standalone ECU.

The result is a mind boggling 933kW (1250hp) at the wheels! Quarter mile is achieved in a whiplash inducing 8.97 seconds.

The Red Katana wears a two-tone paint finish and features a functional aerodynamic body kit that includes a new front splitter and a rear bootlid spoiler.

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