Volkswagen Golf GTI “Akrapovic Edition”

Akrapovic is well known their exhaust system. But the company now also aims to become a major player in the aftermarket tuning scene, starting with this Volkswagen Golf GTI performance package.

Called the Akrapovic Edition, a standard Golf GTI comes out of the Akrapovic workshop with 70 more horsepower to make a total of 280 horsepower. Torque is also upped from 280 Nm in the standard car to 360 Nm. All these thanks to an ECU upgrade and of course, an Akrapovic high performance stainless steel exhaust system with titanium tips that can change color to blue when heated by the exhaust gases.

KW Automotive is employed in the suspension department with the Akrapovic Golf GTI spotting a new set of fully adjustable KW coilover sports suspension. Braking improved with the help of a set of Mov’it high performance brakes.

Now on to the wheels. The Akrapovic Edition Golf GTI rolls on a set of lightweight 19 inch wheels from German wheel manufacturer ATS Wheels. Making contact with the tarmac is a set of Sport Grip tires from Kumho.

In addition all these goodies, the Akrapovic Golf GTI also has a switch on the center console that when flicked, completely disables the traction control and the ESP system!

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