VW apprentices knocks up ID.5 GTX Xcite Concept

Every year around September, Volkswagen will set a bunch of apprentices loose to turn a production car into something exciting, such as the Golf GTI Next Level and Hybrid “First Decade” seen a few years ago.

But with the advent of electric cars, the apprentices have this year turned their attention to the VW ID.5.

Known as the ID.5 GTX Xcite concept, the mean and green electric SUV was the work of 14 apprentices and features a mix of matte and gloss paint from the Lamborghini and Volkswagen colour palettes, along with a set of striking 22-inch forged aluminium wheels with power-coated finish.

The jazzed-up ID.5 also received modified fenders and extended wheel arches, while the side skirts have been widened to match.

Stepping into the cabin, one will notice the interior is covered almost entirely with Alcantara and vegan leather, including the steering column. To break up the monotony, orange contrast stitching has also been employed on the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and door panels.

The pair of sports front seats are also embroidered with a stylised ‘8’ to signify the eighth apprentice project of its type at Volkswagen.

Other cabin highlights include a high-end audio system that uses components from Gladen, Musway and Bang & Olufsen. It features 10 amplifiers and a subwoofer for a total output of 2000 watts.

Finally, you know this is the work of young people when the ID.5 GTX Xcite comes equipped with a colour-matching Teamgree H5 electric skateboard the company says is for “travelling the last few meters from the car park to the driver’s destination.”

No changes have been made to the running gear though. That means an 82kWh battery pack which supplies power to a dual-motor all-wheel drive system developing 220kW (295hp/299PS) and 460 Nm (339 lb-ft) of torque.

It’s capable of rushing from 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds, en route to a top speed of 180km/h before running out of juice after 490km based on the WLTP cycle.

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