G-Power tweaked BMW M4 Competition cranks up 447kW


The BMW M4 Competition presents yet another opportunity for tuner G-Power to work their magic. Having tweaked the standard M4 and M4 GTS track day special, G-Power is no stranger to the BMW sports coupe.

The M4 Competition features tuned versions of the BMW’s M TwinPower Turbo 3.0-litre petrol engine. The straight-six produces 331kW (up 14kW from the standard M4) while retaining its 550Nm torque.

To make M4 Competition even more competitive, G-Power modified the turbochargers with CNC milled exhaust and compressor housings. A titanium exhaust system and sports catalytic converters complement the uprated turbo. With the help of “bi-Tronik” engine mapping, the engine now cranks up an impressive 447kW, accompanied by a colossal 740Nm of torque.

Channelling the power through a seven-speed double clutch transmission the G-Power BMW M4 demolishes the sprint the 100km/h in under 4 seconds, en route to a delimited top speed of 320km/h.

The cost of all this added punch? a hefty 16,700 euros. Customer can go a step further and opt for the 21-inch forged wheel set for 9,100 euros.

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