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2017 Tesla Model X P100D Review – 10 coolest features

There are not many cars on the road today that comes with the coolness and Wow factor of a Tesla Model X. Yes, subjectively, it may not be the best looking car on the road, looking more like an oversized hatch (and a slightly awkward one at that) rather than …

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2017 Tesla Model X P100D Review

The world’s fastest SUV is not a Porsche or a Range Rover or a BMW. It’s a Tesla Model X. Like its sedan sibling, the Model S, which leaves everything but 8 supercars in the world in the dust sprinting to 100km/h, the Model X takes performance SUV to a completely …

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Tesla rolls out Ludicrously Quick Model S and Model X P100D

As if the Model S P90D which can sprint from zero to 100km/h in 3 seconds is not quick enough, Tesla has advanced its flagship sedan even further with the introduction of the Model S P100D. The new top-of-the-range variant comes with a larger 100kWh battery, which not only increases …

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