Video: Hyundai shows the handling prowess of its i30 N hot hatch

2017 hyundai i30 n prototype

Hyundai has released a teaser video of its engineers pushing the upcoming i30 N hot hatch to its limits, complete with the pre-requisite pops and cracks under acceleration.

The potent hot hatch is set to adopt a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated with a six-speed manual transmission driving the front wheels. It will be the first Hyundai model to wear the ‘N’ badge and will count the venerable VW Golf GTI and Focus ST as its rivals.

The car’s engine is expected to churn out around 191kW, and as revealed in this clip, will redline in the region of 6,700rpm, making it more powerful than the VW and Ford.

Hyundai will equip the i30 N with an advanced suspension setup to ensure it handles. An electronically-controlled limited-slip differential is also rumoured to make sure it puts the power to good use.

Outside, Hyundai’s first proper hot hatch will feature an aggressive body kit and aerodynamic enhancements to set it apart from the regular hatch.

The i30 N is expected to launch in early 2017.

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