Toyota Australia Offers Aero Package for 86 GTS Sports Coupe

The Toyota 86 is a lot of car for its price tag of just A$29,990 in Australia. It has a potent Subaru 2.0 Boxer engine at the front, six-speed manual gearbox in the middle, and rear-wheel-drive. Perfect combination for a fun driving experience.

Now for A$3,000 more, Toyota Australia will kit up your 86 with the newly released 86 “aero package”. The kit consists of a new front bumper lip spoiler, side skirts, rear bumper skirt and large rear spoiler, giving the car a very aggressive look.

The package is not all just for looks as Toyota claimed the bodykit is designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase downforce for better stability at high speed.

The option is only available for the more expensive 86 GTS model, however. Toyota hope the 86 aero package will showcase the car to the younger crowd.

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