Tesla owners in uproar over new autopilot restrictions


Tesla‘s autopilot technology has been out a few months now, however due to the irresponsibility of certain drivers Tesla has been forced to reduce/remove certain capabilities of the system.

In Tesla’s latest beta firmware update (7.1) the autopilot is now restricted to speeds below the posted speed limit and will also disable Autosteer capabilities under the same conditions.

Restricting the Autopilots capability hasn’t gone down well with owners, some members from the Teslarati car club are refusing to install further updates; one has gone as far as saying “If there’s an update that removes a functionality that is useful for ME then I’m not going to install it. Moreover, I’ll sue Tesla if they update my car without asking me. This screenshot with 45 mph restriction is now a line in the sand for me.”

So far the update only restricts Autosteer on highway driving; Tesla’s adaptive cruise control or TACC remains unaffected by the update.

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