Renault presents its connected, autonomous car vision – the SYMBIOZ

Renault has presented its SYMBIOZ connected autonomous electric concept at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the French company’s vision of the car and its role in society in 2030 and is designed to be fully integrated in the human ecosystem.

“The way we use our cars is changing. Already a car is more than just a way to get from one place to another. Full of technology, it’s becoming an interactive and personalised space that connects passengers to other cars, people and objects around them” said Thierry Bolloré, Chief Competitive Officer, Groupe Renault.

From mobility of the future to pure driving enjoyment, Renault’s vision of the car is people-centred for an easier life experience.


The Renault SYMBIOZ concept is powered by all-electric motors in line with Renault’s intent to continue to pursue its Zero Emissions strategy. Renault developed the SYMBIOZ to ensure the home and car share energy. Kilowatt-hours are distributed through a smart grid shared by the car and the home in an artificial intelligence environment that anticipates people’s needs. For example, it’s possible to programme the system to use the power stored in the car batteries temporarily for the lights, screens and home appliances during peak times. If there is a blackout, this happens automatically and power sharing can be monitored and adjusted.

Both cars are electric, autonomous and fully connected to their environment. ‘Travellers’ – the driver and passengers – enjoy a cabin that feels like home and has been designed for autonomous motoring. On the road, the car becomes an extension of the home. When parked inside the home, it doubles as an extra mobile, modular and multi-purpose room.

The Renault SYMBIOZ marks an industry first


Renault says it is the first carmaker to present a complete home at a motor show that evokes future possibilities of how the car will deliver new features inside the home and will be an extension of the home on the road. 

Visitors to the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show were able to explore SYMBIOZ and the unprecedented display which embodies Renault’s vision of how mobility might evolve in years to come and new-generation mobility and connected services solutions.

Renault showed the house and concept in static and dynamic modes. In the first scenario, SYMBIOZ drives into the house to become an additional, modular room in the form of a useful, mobile and connected space, parking inside and then outside the physical structure.

SYMBIOZ also shows Renault’s vision of the car as an extension of the home when travelling. Generous cabin space is attributed to SYMBIOZ’s rear-wheel drive configuration, with two electric motors located on the rear axle, and the batteries housed beneath the floor. The combination of the retracting dashboard, and pivoting front seats make it ideally suited to ‘Mind-off’ autonomous driving. In this mode, drivers can easily relax and chat, read a book or enjoy total access to their personal digital world. Additional personalisation technology allows automatic detection of passengers, customized seat settings, music streaming, and entertainment options.

“After an initial series of concept cars based on Renault’s ‘Cycle of Life’ design strategy which sought to prefigure the styling of our upcoming models, our new concept cars set out to explore what mobility might resemble in the future,” said Renault SVP Corporate Design Laurens van den Acker.

“No longer can we think of car design in isolation from the ecosystem surrounding us. Renault SYMBIOZ truly is a unique project that allowed us to work with planners, designers, engineers and architects. Our goal was to explore new boundaries in customer experience, technology, energy use and design harmony to form a completely new global experience.”

A real demo car based on Easy Life of SYMBIOZ – on the road soon

An electric, autonomous and connected demo vehicle that makes real many of the elements of SYMBIOZ will be available for testing later this year. This demo vehicle embodies the brand’s mid-term vision before 2023 and previews technology Renault customers may find in its production car range in the near future. This includes an evolved version of MULTI-SENSE technology, which adapts the ambiance and driving experience to customer mood in the Mégane, Scénic, Talisman and Espace in our current range. The demo car will also showcase features from the “EASY CONNECT”, new-generation mobility and connected services solutions, and it will preview the Renault Autonomous drive technology that will be progressively deployed in the range under the name “EASY DRIVE”.

The demo version of SYMBIOZ was made in partnership with technology and creative industry leaders in an Open Innovation approach:

  • LG is involved in the development of the human-machine interfaces.
  • Ubisoft is providing on board virtual reality experience for autonomous driving mode.
  • Devialet is developing a new user experience through advanced sound system.
  • Sanef is working on the way the car communicates with road network infrastructure.
  • TomTom is contributing its geo-positioning expertise.
  • IAV is providing autonomous driving engineering expertise.

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