Update: Peugeot Onyx Concept full details and new photos


Further to yesterday’s leaked information, Peugeot has today revealed detailed technical information on the Onyx Concept.

The 21st century supercar is powered by a diesel-hybrid drivetrain, made up of a 3.7-litre V8 HDI FAP engine (not a 1.6-litre unit as previously reported) producing 448kW (600hp) that drives the rear wheels via a 6-speed sequential gearbox and a kinetic energy system that turns braking energy to electricity that is stored in a set of lithium-ion batteries. They provide an additional 60kW (80hp) of boost.

The concept is 4.65m long, 2.20m wide and 1.13m in height. It is built on a carbon fibre central structure that consists of twelve parts and weighs just 1,100kg (2,425 pounds). The Onyx has a drag coefficient of 0.30.

It sits on a double wishbone and an in-board controlled suspension front and rear, while braking power comes courtesy of four carbon discs, 380mm at the front and 355mm at the rear.

The concept supercar rolls on 20-inch lightweight alloy rims wrapped in specially developed Michelin 275/30 tyres at the front and 345/30 at the rear.

Peugeot has no plans to put the concept into production.