Next generation Diesel engines to debut with Mercedes E 220 d


While electric vehicles are becoming ever more popular recently, the technology still has a fair bit of maturing to do. This is why Mercedes among and other manufacturers still invest billions in refining internal combustion engines.

Just recently Mercedes-Benz revealed their new diesel engine; codenamed OM 654, this new four-cylinder powerplant is the first all-aluminum diesel engine that Mercedies have produced and will make it’s debut in the new E-Class E 220 d.

“The new family of engines embodies over 80 years of Mercedes-Benz diesel know-how. The new premium diesels are more efficient and powerful, lighter and more compact – and they are designed to meet all future global emissions standards,” says Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars Development. “In our opinion, the diesel engine is indispensable in trucks and cars if we want to further reduce the CO2 emissions from traffic.”

mercedes benz front

In its road map towards sustainable mobility, Mercedes-Benz attaches key importance to the optimisation of modern internal combustion engines alongside hybrid and electric vehicles. In particular, the economical, clean and, especially in Europe, highly popular diesel engine makes an important contribution to the further reduction of fleet consumption.

Mercedes-Benz is on the right track. In the two decades since 1995, the average consumption of the passenger car fleet has fallen by almost half from 9.2 l/100 km to 5.0 l/100 km.

The modular family of engines will find broad application across the entire range of Mercedes-Benz cars and vans. There are plans for several output variants as well as longitudinal and transverse installation in vehicles with front, rear and all-wheel drive. This too makes the new engine so significant, because the improvements in efficiency have a direct impact on Mercedes-Benz’s fleet consumption.

The new engine will deliver around 13 percent lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions along with a further increase in output (143 kW instead of 125 kW).

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