Mercedes-Benz unveils high-definition Digital Light headlights


Mercedes-Benz has unveiled their latest lighting concept called the Digital Light, which takes headlight technology up to a whole new level.

The high-definition headlight uses a microchip that contains more than one million micromirrors for each side of the vehicle, enabling extremely precise distribution of light.

Mercedes-Benz says the technology provides “ideal, high-resolution light distribution which suits the surrounding conditions perfectly.”

“The decisive factor is not the technology in the headlamp but the digital intelligence behind it,” said Gunter Fischer, head of exterior body development and vehicle operating systems at Daimler AG.


While adaptive high beams which avoid dazzling oncoming traffic isn’t new, Mercedes-Benz’s system not only aim to achieve optimum vision and maximum brightness without glare, it also projects visual information on to the road surface to benefit both driver and other road users.

For example, Digital Light can project road markings, warning signs, direction arrows to guide the driver through obstacle. It can even project a zebra crossing for road users when it is safe for them to cross in front of the vehicle.

Mercedes already has a number of demonstrator vehicles equipped with Digital Light headlights on public roads in Europe and is relatively close to production ready. It is being developed as two distinct hardware systems, with the second of these a compact, highly efficient system with four light points, each with 1,024 individual actuatable LED chips, per headlight.

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